What is 
Winnin Insights?

Winnin Insights is a platform that, through Artificial Intelligence, consolidates data from the largest video platforms in the world and allows you to analyze, understand and create data driven video content strategies to transform your content factory, stay ahead of the competition and truly connect with your audience.

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What makes Winnin Insights unique?

The magic of Winnin Insights lies in the way video information is organized. Through its own subject clustering, the platform is able to classify all the content collected into Categories, Topics and Sub-Topics, which allows you to track the evolution of relevant topics, discover new subjects your audience is interested in, learn about and be inspired by top creators, and track and compare the performance of competitors' videos.

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How does Winnin Insights revolutionize your everyday life?

With a highly user-friendly interface, Winnin Insights is the perfect platform to help agencies and brands understand what is resonating in the culture when it comes to video creation and consumption, and thus find relevant opportunities to create proprietary content that keeps pace with the digital transformation that is already happening in the world.

Where's the Winnin Insights data coming from? Is it suitable for LGPD?

Transparency is one of our greatest values. And this is directly reflected in Winnin Insights. We collect public data from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and Facebook and turn it into our greatest intelligence, cross-referencing information that allows you to understand what's relevant, how to be relevant and who to be relevant with when it comes to video. Here, data is used to help brands become content producers, which is why we treat the information we collect so well. We are committed to privacy and information security and are compliant with Data Protection regulations.

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1. How can I start?

You can become the newest Winnin Insights user and get the inside scoop on what's happening in the most relevant culture from video consumption around the world by requesting a demo with us. It's simple, just click here to get started.

2. What can I do?

By structuring global video consumption data, Winnin Insights helps you understand culture on a much deeper level and become an expert at creating videos that stand out from the competition for people's attention. Through proprietary clustering built through Machine Learning, Winnin Insights users can understand the most relevant video subjects in the world by sorting them into Categories, Topics and Sub-Topics.

3. Is the product for Agencies or Companies?

Both. Winnin Insights is for creative and marketing teams at agencies and companies. It helps teams make strategic decisions and understand their audience by finding out: what video subjects and formats are really relevant to their audience; which creators and brands are dominating video creation; which creators and brands are creating a real connection with their audience; who are the creators and brands on the rise.

4. How much is it?

Winnin Insights subscription plans are customizable and adapted to your needs. To know which plan is ideal for your business, click here.

5. Is the product suitable for LGPD?

Yes, Winnin - and Winnin Insights - are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Act. The data available on the platform are collected from the largest video platforms in the world, such as Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Facebook and Twitch through their APIs. All the information collected and made available is transformed into prioritized intelligence on the platform, from an organization that allows the visualization of data grouped by subjects and audience. We take physical, electronic and administrative measures to protect the information collected online. Click here for our Privacy Policy.

6. I want a product demonstration. How do I do it?

You can request a free Winnin Insights demo by clicking here.