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What only Winnin Insights has?

+ 1 billion

of analyzed videos and 8.5 million creators on the platform.

1,000+ topics

User-friendly interface with subjects organized into categories, topics and subtopics.

3 languages

platform, enabling content segmentation in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

"Winnin Insights is more than a platform that offers information about online video consumption. It is a strategic tool that facilitates easy, fast and 100% data-driven decision making, allowing companies to have ideas and use creativity, but with much more assertiveness than before. It was certainly one of the best partnerships that C&A built in 2020".

Renata Marques

Strategy & Insights Coordinator, C&A

"I think data is not human. The way the data is shown today is not human. But when I saw Winnin Insights I said "who the hell created this?" because it was the first time I saw data in a humanized way. That's really good work."

Ricardo Casal

Executive Creative Director & Partner, GUT

"Winnin Insights has helped us a lot to understand consumer change. And something that makes me very happy is about how these projects have really become notable platforms for our brands that are escalating around the world. That means the insights have been truly powerful and added value to people's lives".

Pedro Earp

Chief Marketing and ZX Ventures Officer, Anheuser-Busch InBev

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