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Building fan loyalty and discovering new audiences

By segmenting audiences and uniquely ranking videos by Categories, Topics and Subtopics, Winnin Insights shows which content fans enjoy watching the most and reveals opportunities to engage entirely new audiences. All of this enables the creation of videos tailored to the subjects and formats most relevant to each audience through decision-making based on real data.

Creating consistently

To move from the place of an advertiser and become a content producer, you need to create in a solid and recurring way. Through Winnin Insights, brands have at their disposal millions of data that become ideas for the creation of endless videos that conquer and engage more and more.

Comparing competitors' performance

How far off is a brand from its biggest competitors? With Winnin Insights, users can compare the performance of all of their brand's videos to their competitors' over time, finding gaps and opportunities to outperform them and stand out even more.

Building data driven reports

Want to unite information from different platforms in one place and in a single view? With Report Builder you and your entire team can create reports with data from the 4 platforms present in Winnin Insights (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitch) and make your validation and approval process much faster and more effective.