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Winnin Insights
for Agencies

Master the video creation process by turning data into relevant insights

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Creating proprietary content

Winnin Insights gives every creative team the autonomy they need to understand culture at a deeper level, discovering which topics and video formats engage and speak to different audiences, creating their own videos, and building an internal content factory without relying on third parties.

Lowering costs

One of the biggest challenges agencies face is making their clients relevant with organic content that wins people's attention - and hearts. With Winnin Insights, creative teams instantly access millions of pieces of data that make it possible to analyze, understand and create highly engaging contents, reducing costs and increasing relevance for their clients.

Optimizing Idea ApprovalTime

Often convincing a customer that an idea is the best becomes an extremely difficult task. Winnin Insights provides the necessary numbers that make the approval process much less painful, helping to build arguments based on data and bringing suggestions that prove to be the most assertive to generate even more value to customers.

Staying ahead
of the competitions

Winnin Insights' 900+ million videos are your greatest allies when it comes to competing for your dream client, enabling you to find opportunities your competitors haven't seen and stand out when it comes to content innovation.