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The changes in the creation of videos about finance in Brazil

The production of video content on Economics & Finance is undergoing a revolution in Brazil.

As it could not be different, these transformations are directly impacting the industry and more traditional brands in the segment.

New players and dynamics like digital banking, Fintechs and Pix have rocked the industry. And new brands and products seek a place in the sun. 

With the boost of competition in the segment, the trend is for players to invest more in new possibilities.

The good news is that in this article you will understand more about these transformations and what are the main lessons that these players can extract from them.

Enjoy your reading!

The financial revolution is happening through education

Yes! The data shows that the financial sector, which is undergoing transformation, is now experiencing a revolution through education.

It is the accessible and educational content that is empowering both consumers and brands in the segment.

And the Brazilian is enjoying - and a lot - of this content to learn how to deal better with his financial life.

If we could translate that learning into a formula, it would be:

knowledge + competition = FINANCIAL EMPLOYMENT.

But it doesn't stop there: during the mapping and analysis of data on Economics & Finance, we discovered that there is a very great opportunity for brands to stand out.

Keep reading to understand everything!

This is the time for the financial segment brands to stand out

The great opportunity for brands to stand out is precisely to learn from content creators .

In this way, they can help players create more relevant content, thus engaging audiences increasingly interested in the subject. We explain why:

Winnin Insights: global data from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram last year.

When we look at what people are watching within the topic of Economics & Finance, the most watched videos are mostly branded, with a lot of content driven.

Boosting content with paid media has never been a problem, but it does open space for one question: does this content attract attention and truly engage the public?

That's where the creator videos come in! Check it out:

Winnin Insights: global data from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram last year.

When we look at the funniest videos, they're all from the creators of the topic, showing what kind of content, formats and subjects are really actively engaging the audience.

In other words, many brands already have reach of views and, to become even more relevant, they must use this space to also gain the active engagement of the audience by getting inspired by the contents of creators.

But you must be asking yourself: what is the audience of the Economy & Finance videos anyway?

That's what we'll show you in the next topic!

But what is the economics & finance audience anyway?

The financial revolution we are talking about does not happen alone: people also participate actively in it! 

And we can observe such transformation in the graph below, which shows the age division of the consumer public of the contents on Economy & Finance in Brazil.

Winnin Insights: global data from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram last year.

We can observe that Millennials men continue to dominate the audience of the topic, something expected, since issues related to finance, economy, money and entrepreneurship are mostly linked to the male gender by the socially constructed gender archetypes.

But at the same time, we can observe the change. And it is happening through Generation Z: women aged 13 to 24 are increasingly present, seeking financial empowerment.

Final Notes

The time for traditional financial brands to transform their communication is now! 

And the videos are a powerful tool to achieve this goal. With the help - and inspiration - of creators who are already relevant and are talking about something people really want to hear, brands have a great opportunity in their hands.

And yet, an assertive and powerful communication is that based on the knowledge of your audience, understand what their tastes and needs are.

And this is another point that the data show transformations, because women from Generation Z are already dominating this subject. 

What's up? You like that insight? Learn more about the transformations in the production of video content on finance in Brazil by downloading our report!