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People Also Watch: discover the feature that helps your brand to reach new audiences

Telling stories that generate identification with a particular audience and still achieve the expected results at the end of the month is an increasingly difficult task over the years for most marketing teams.

In the age of digital transformation, you need to be constantly up to date on relevant issues to continue to have the audience's attention, but also to win over entirely new audiences.

But how to discover new audiences? And how to connect with them?

This is a question that many brands have not yet managed to answer. But we can assure you that the answer is closer than you think! 

The good news is that to create content that speaks to new audiences you don't have to reinvent the wheel. 

In other words, it is possible to expand the reach of your content from your own audience. Or better: from the subjects they are already interested in and consume.

Let's do the exercise of putting ourselves in the consumer's shoes. 

Imagine you are a man, between 25 and 34 years old, and you are a passionate footballer. 

Most likely, you don't spend 24 hours of your day watching content exclusively about sport, right? 

Then, it is crucial to find out what other types of subjects this audience is interested in on the internet and which topics they have the greatest affinity with.

Thus, it is possible to reach new audiences that did not yet have engagement with your brand from these other subjects in common with your already conquered audience. But how to achieve this?

In this article, we'll tell you all about People Also Watch , one of Winnin Insights ' tools that helps your brand to reach new audiences. 

And also: we will show you step by step how to use it and how it is possible - and simple - to achieve the expected results from it. 

Enjoy your reading! 

What is People Also Watch?

Winnin Insights' People Also Watch is a Winnin Insights tool created to show, in a simple and straightforward way, other relevant issues that a particular audience is engaging with when dealing with online video.  

Using the data provided by People Also Watch and cross-referencing it with other relevant information found in Winnin Insights is an agile and assertive way to produce content and increase engagement on video platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.   

Why is People Also Watch important?

Videos are an increasingly competitive format. Only on Youtube more than 5 billion videos are watched daily.  

Soon, people start to divide their attention in different formats, subjects and creators. After all, it is very difficult to consume only one type of content or subject amidst so much offer, right?  

And that's why People Also Watch becomes an enabler when it comes to searching for other content that a certain audience is also interested in.  

By mapping these other subjects of interest, brands have the opportunity to increase the range of their content production and, furthermore, gain new audiences that would not be discovered so easily. 

But remember: broadening the range of content production does not mean embracing as many topics as possible. This is a common mistake made by many brands who want to increase online engagement.

The goal for brands should always be to speak with ownership on a given subject and only engage on the issues that make sense for the company's values and, of course, the audience.

In this way, People Also Watch provides visibility for brands like yours to find niches of interest, while also showing data related to various other issues that your audience relates to.

But how is this data collected and organised?

This whole process is done through Winnin Insights' own metric: the Relationship.

Read on to understand all about it!

Relationship: Winnin Insights' proprietary metric

Broadly speaking, the Relationship metric is a value from zero to ten that represents how much the audience of a topic in question also consumes the content of another topic or subtopic.

Winnin Insights clusters the platform's main subjects daily into Categories, Topics and Subtopics, enabling you to follow the evolution of the most relevant topics and discover new subjects more simply and quickly.

Topics are macro subjects, while subtopics are more niche subjects. For example: Football is a topic and within this topic we have the Brazilian National Team. 

In other words, the greater the intersection between the audiences of two topics, the greater the Relationship metric.

Through this technology, you can find (in a few clicks) what your audience wants to watch beyond the obvious. 

Thus bringing new opportunities for your brand to authentically appropriate a certain subject in the culture. 

Do you want to understand, in practice, how this process happens? Read on, we'll explain it all to you!  

Navigating Winnin Insights

Let's continue with the example at the beginning of the text: suppose that the audience your brand wants to reach are men aged 25 to 34 and that they are passionate about football.

As we know, Football is a highly relevant subject and with expressive engagement numbers in the country when the subject is video.

Browsing through the Overview of this topic in Winnin Insights you can instantly get some valuable information like: 

  • o Topic relevance index - Winnin Insights proprietary metric that indicates the relevance of a topic in terms of views over a given time period.
  • o Video engagement;
  • the Views per video;
  • the estimated audience;
  • the recommendations of platform, day and duration of the video.
Overview of the topic 'Football' in Winnin Insights

This initial data is already very important for creative research, but you can still take a much deeper dive to understand what will actually grab your audience's attention.

Let's get straight to the practical. By clicking on People Also Watch on the Football topic page in Winnin Insights, we will find a list with the 20 topics that most relate to it. In the image below you can see the Top 10 of this ranking:

Top 20 People Also Watch football topics

Now is the time to delve into research for subjects that escape the obvious and are directly connected to the interests of your audience. 

Below, find out more about 5 topics that most relate to Football today.

1. Policy

For some, football and politics do not mix. 

But according to Winnin Insights data, that relationship makes a lot of sense when we look at what that audience is consuming on the internet. 

The topic belongs to the Social Issues category and has expressive numbers in the Viewership metric, for example. 

Video metrics of the topic 'Politics' - the 6th most relevant topic in People Also Watch Football

The Viewership Index is a Winnin Insights proprietary metric that indicates the size of topics, ranging from 1 to 10, by the audience that has consumed that content in the past 12 months. 

To exemplify a bit this mix between the topics, watch the video below:

2. Viral humor

It's not much news that humorous content works well for any format on the internet. However, in football it's a little different. 

In videos that combine humour and football, the sport ends up in the background. What we see is that the main goal of this type of content is to entertain the viewer in the funniest way possible. 

Looking at this topic, we can observe that the numbers are even more expressive than the previous one when we talk about Brazilian content.

Video metrics from the topic "Viral Humour" - the 4th most relevant topic in People Also Watch Football

The CanalCanalha video is a good example of how to talk about football in a humorous way from the sport. 

3. Prank

Again, a topic that belongs in the Comedy category of Winnin Insights. 

Looking at the list of the most relevant creators of the sports universe of the moment on the platform, we can see how the combination between sport and funny content is highly relevant to the audience:  

Winnin Insights List of the Most Relevant Creators in Sports

The top creators on this topic, who have accumulated a growing following, engagement and views over time are channels that have mastered the combination of sport and humour.

4. Ethnic and racial issues 

The need to debate deeper issues within the sport is evident. After all, football is a social instrument.

The vast majority of brands still do not take the risk completely and prefer to stay out of debates about issues such as racism, for example.

However, when we look at the data, we have proof that these debates matter - and a lot - to the audience. . 

According to Winnin Insights, Youtube is the predominant channel when these issues are addressed. 

Unlike the previous issues, there is a more even distribution between the networks on this topic.

Winnin Insights: recommendation for best platform, day and length of videos on Ethnic-Racial Issues

The FutParódoias video, for example, is an excellent example of how great creators and brands can position themselves in relation to the theme (and still get good results). It has over 3 million views, 13,000 comments and almost 300,000 likes. 

Final Notes

Throughout this article, we've shown you just one of the infinite possible paths you can take in Winnin Insights to expand your understanding of an audience's interests.

The undeniable truth amid the digital age is that the competition for consumer attention is becoming increasingly fierce. 

Because of this, surrounding yourself with the right tools is the best way to communicate authentically and create relevant content.

Winnin Insights has numerous features that assist in understanding about audience interests and People Also Watch is one of the best at this task. 

With it, you can insert yourself directly into your consumer's culture, delivering an affinity map for you and your entire team.

With the tips we've given throughout the article, your team will be ready to create much more authentic content that generates real value for your audience.

Want to understand even more closely how Winnin Insights and People Also Watch help you win new audiences? We have a team of experts ready to serve you. Get in touch with us by clicking this link.