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3 Potential Wish Items for Black Friday 2020

Black Friday is an absolute success every year and no one can deny that.

However, every year there is a reconfiguration of potential desire items, and this is due to factors such as the socio-cultural context, economy and events in the entertainment industry, for example.

2020 was an atypical year, and the new coronavirus caused a forced digital revolution never before foreseen.

This revolution brought a series of transformations in the way people consume on the Internet, which also directly impacted it: the e-commerce industry!

With all this context in mind, we took a dip in the data to understand what the possible wish items for this Black Friday will be.

You want to know what they are? Just keep reading!

What do people want to buy in 2020?

Based on what people are watching on the main online video platforms, we were able to map the 3 wish items that can be explored during Black Friday.

From Winnin Insights, we analyze the main topics to understand which are the most relevant in terms of views over time.

As shown in the graph above, the 3 most relevant topics are:

  • Action & Adventure Games
  • Architecture
  • Skin Care

With this, we will understand what each of these items represent when the subject is Black Friday!

1. Video Games

With people spending more time at home because of the pandemic, video games have again become an important item in the search for leisure.

The increase in the search for entertainment has generated an opportunity for various products that are part of the universe of games.

And, of course, video games - especially action and adventure games, as the data show - appear as the most relevant item in the ranking.

2. Architecture

Like we said, the relationship with the house has changed. 

And spending more time inside it makes us pay more attention to details that, in another context, would go unnoticed.

Our data shows that interest in renovations and decoration items has increased since the beginning of the pandemic, representing a desire by people to improve their homes.

3. Skincare

Mental health and well-being became important themes and guidelines for various debates during the pandemic.

Skin care is also part of the self care universe and has gained relevance in recent months. 

Videos that involve skin care products, besides being seen, are videos with high engagement. 

For Black Friday, these products have a high desire potential!

Final Notes

You can't talk about consumption without talking about Black Friday. 

And the data showed that this year, when there were several changes in consumer behavior and culture in general, the desire items accompanied those changes.

When it comes to looking for ways to enjoy your free time and have fun at home, video games appear as the main item.

Now, for the people who have come to pay more attention to the details and rooms of the house that previously went unnoticed, items and articles of architecture and decoration are the great highlight.

Finally, taking care of body and mind are more than necessary in these new times and, therefore, skincare products take their rightful place.

For brands that want to gain the public's attention with content that is associated with the cultural context and that relates to the pain and desire of people, betting on these 3 items we brought here can be a successful strategy! 

You want more data-driven insights on Black Friday? Download our full report.