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How to create video content for Black Friday 2020?

In 2020, creating a content strategy for Black Friday in a pandemic context can be a huge challenge.

Especially when we think about the forced digital transformation that the new Coronavirus has empowered, making the online universe even more competitive.

Faced with this scenario, being able to stand out among so many offers and players is the great goal.

So, if you're having trouble creating relevant and engaging communication for your audience (or your client's audience) and want a little help on how to get out of the obvious on this Black Friday, you've come to the right place!

Here, we'll show you the key insights that online video date consumption data shows us and what opportunities you can take in your strategy.

Then you can open the planning sheet and come with us. 

Enjoy your reading!

1. Communicate with purpose

First of all, the first question you should ask yourself is: "what can only my brand do?" The answer to that question is unique and non-transferable.

In other words, only you - with the help of your team - can answer. Being able to create communication that conveys the most important values of your brand is a genuine way of gaining relevance and getting people's attention. During Black Friday, many brands end up falling into the obvious: promotions and unbridled consumerism.

So, how do you deviate from that scenario? From one point we already know: COVID-19 has led society to rethink the excess. Black Friday, in turn, can be an opportunity for companies to rethink this stimulus to excessive consumption and reinforce its purpose, supporting causes that are in line with the truth of the brand.

Let's take an empirical example.

Patagonia and its famous "Don't buy this jacket" campaign are a great example of how purposeful communication is important to consumers.

At Black Friday 2011, the brand embraced its sustainability purpose and campaigned to make sure consumers simply didn' t buy its product.

 The result? After that, the sales of the clothing brand increased by 30% and to date the campaign is seen as a success story.

So the first step in creating a content strategy that is truly relevant to Black Friday is to create a communication that conveys truth and that talks to people.

2. Know what is being consumed on the date

Every content strategy requires a thorough search.

And Black Friday, besides being a very relevant event for the market, also drives the creation of content by both brands and consumers.

Although the "publiciposts" still have great prominence tied to the figure of the influencers, today it is necessary much more than just disclosure. 

In this way, it is also necessary to bet on formats more connected with entertainment.

So when we think about video, what are these formats?

The data analyzed in the topic "Black Friday" in Winnin Insights shows us some options! If your strategy has as main goal the number of views, betting on the creation of unboxing videos that explore the viral potentiality of memes may be the right strategy for you.

Unboxing videos have a 35% view rate, while memes cover 22% of total views.

Now, if your strategy is focused on engagement, the data shows that the - again - memes and challenge videos are the most engaging. 

While the challenge videos reach an average engagement of 3.5K, the memes reach almost 4.5K.

3. Create a content strategy that goes beyond Friday

It is time to start preparing your content strategy. But how?

Analyzing the Black Friday videos produced on the main platforms, we came to an understanding.

A successful strategy needs to go beyond Black Friday!

The most relevant videos are part of a content ecosystem focused on entertainment that extrapolates "D-Day" itself and remains active over time.

So, what ecosystem is this?

Our data indicates that a successful content strategy for Black Friday involves:

  • Pre Black Friday
  • During Black Friday
  • Post Black Friday

So let's know what are the most relevant video formats for each of these moments!

- Pre Black Friday

Like we said, Black Friday starts long before the date itself.

This is the time to play with people's expectations and generate anxiety for when the big day comes.

And what are the most relevant formats for this moment?

Looking at our data, they are: Memes + Disclosure!

Memes are a format with a great advantage, which is their potential for organic viralization.

The best performing memes are those who play with promotions or show people training for the big day.

The other most relevant format for Pre Black Friday are the disclosure formats.

Using and abusing the advantage of publiciposts with influencers promoting the brands being promoted is also a highly engaging strategy.


- During Black Friday

Throughout this period, the best formats to compose your content strategy are: Lives + Challenges + Comparison.

This is the moment when people compare the tradition and the price of their cities, but they also display the so-called "Black Frauds", the false promotions created by some stores.

Now, if your goal is to generate entertainment, lives and challenges are the ideal formats because they show how content creators have fun and connect with the date.

- After Black Friday

Even after Black Friday, people still produce content about it.

And, of course, you should do the same! 

The Memes, once again, gain prominence by making fun of shopping and money spent.

But it's also time to bet on new formats, like Unboxing and Haul

Both appear as relevant formats in which people review their newly purchased products.

Final Notes

Here we show you some data-driven steps to create a successful content strategy for the upcoming Black Friday.

Brands that are able to genuinely convey their purpose through campaigns and actions have great chances of standing out in the midst of the hypercompetitive scenario.

Before you go into creating your content strategy itself, don't forget to provide yourself with information and input on what people want to consume. Understanding your audience acting on their pain is critical. 

Finally, produce content that isn't limited to Friday and invest in what works: videos! But know which formats make the most sense with each stage of the ecosystem.

Memes and Disclosure are ideal for the pre Black Friday period, while during the event, the most relevant formats that can be combined are the Lives, Challenges and Comparison videos. 

Finally, keep people talking about your brand after Black Friday is over. Memes (look at them again), Unboxing and Haul are ideal formats to create the relevance you so desire!

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