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8 tips for creating more relevant Valentine's Day videos

Creating relevant content during commemorative dates is a challenge for brands. 

Users' feeds get increasingly crowded with so many brands sharing strategies focused on those special occasions. 

However, following the cultural calendar is a great opportunity to connect with the audience and become relevant on the internet. 

To stand out and increase engagement on the major platforms, you need to understand what your audience really wants to watch, as well as knowing which video formats win over the right feed and content creators. 

In today's article, we're going to show you the data driven opportunities for you and your brand to better understand your audience and thus be able to create much more relevant and responsive videos for a date as important as Valentine's Day.

All tips are taken from our proprietary video analytics tool, Winnin Insights

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Why create videos for Valentine's Day?

Overview of the topic 'Dating & Marriage' in Winnin Insights

According to Winnin Insights data, Dating & Marriage is among the top 9 most engaged topics in Brazil today

And the changes in habits caused by the context of the Covid-19 pandemic have generated, in 2021, even more formats and subjects for couple content.

Ranking of the most engaged "Dating & Marriage" formats on Winnin Insights

We dive into Winnin Insights data and understand what subjects this audience most likes to watch today and, from there, we'll give you 8 tips to create more relevant content. Let's go?

1. Make affinity challenges

The most engaged videos reveal that couples don't live on common ground alone. 

Sharing gamified challenges that highlight the differences and opposing interests of lovers are dominating the feed.

The video of the singer Simone with her husband Kaka has already passed 3 million views.  

In the video, the couple put their affinity and how well they know each other to the test. 

2. Bet on pranks

The couple routine makes room to produce the best pranks and share everything from the preparations to the reaction of those trolled

Creator Virginia's post has already surpassed 6 million views and, along with her fiancé, she does a prank involving her ex-boyfriend. 

3. Don't leave Web Dating aside

Tips on how to create a profile on social networking sites are helping many singles out there. 

And the space for flirting is not restricted to apps alone: the gaming universe is also the stage for web boyfriends met within games.

With almost 2 million views, youtuber Caputo tells the story of how he met his girlfriend in the game Free Fire and shares the journey to meeting her for the first time.

4. Share love stories

Every love story begins with the first kiss. 

The audience of the Dating & Marriage topic is looking for the couple's journey, even with its ups and downs. 

The videos show not only the romantic side, but also the challenges and first experiences of those in love. 

The youtuber Klebio Dantas recalled the past with his partner, rescuing pictures and memorable moments for the couple's history, and of course, telling all about how they met.

5. Show the backstage of special moments

We know that the preparation for the wedding and the proposal are just as exciting as the day of the ceremony. 

The couples are sharing the backstage of this moment and the reaction of the bride and groom and their families. 

Actress and creator Nanda Costa shared a snippet of this very intimate and special moment with her followers.

In the video,she asks her girlfriend to marry her and the best thing: the content already passes 100 thousand likes

6. Be present in joy and sorrow

Even on the day when romance posts dominate the feed, vlogs announcing relationship breakups perform very well and stand out among couple content. 

Rezende Evil and Virginia Fonseca, for over 2 years, formed one of the most loved couples on the internet

When the relationship came to an end, the youtubers shared a vlog announcing the breakup, and even after a year of the breakup this is one of the most engaged content on the creator's channel.

7. Embrace love's disappointments

One thing is for sure: cheating trolls between couples dominate the feed, but this subject also embraces other formats to engage audiences. 

Vlogs and interviews that tell of love disappointments have a special place in the hearts of the audience. 

Youtuber Jean Luca shared in detail one of his biggest love disappointments, showing that influencers also suffer from love. 

8. Don't be afraid to talk about abusive relationships

We know that social networks are also a space for raising awareness, for sharing intimate stories and, increasingly, they are also becoming a place for victims of abusive relationships to share their personal accounts. 

Brands have the opportunity to position themselves and be the stage for one of the most relevant agendas within this universe. 

Maria Bopp plays the character "Blogueirinha do Fim do Mundo" and shares humorous sketches to address serious topics that many brands and influencers avoid addressing or positioning themselves about. 

Final Notes

As you could see, Dating & Marriage is one of the most relevant topics for Brazilians today, according to data from Winnin Insights

Given this, Valentine's Day has great potential for engagement and brands cannot afford to miss this chance. 

And how to create more relevant content? It's simple! By being data-driven. 

Embracing the topics your audience really wants to watch, through the most engaging video formats, and also collaborating with the right creators is the way to win over your audience by delivering content they care about.

By following the 8 data driven tips that we have given throughout this article, it becomes even easier to stand out on such an important date for the cultural calendar.

Thus, it is possible to increase the engagement of your brand's content and gain the attention of your audience with much more assertiveness.

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