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8 creator couples for your brand to partner with on Valentine's Day

Collaborating with the right content creators can power any content strategy, and today, this is an important step for brands to achieve success.

After all, knowing the most relevant creators on a given subject is the best way to gain the audience's engagement and attention.

These personalities bring the brand closer to the audience and making the right choice impacts - and greatly - on the outcome of a strategy.

In order to make this process more streamlined, less painful and more profitable, a data-driven search by content creators is the best way forward. 

And for that, Winnin Insights has a perfect feature for brands.

Simply put, the platform curates influencers and brands that are performing increasingly better and delivers all metrics from a direct, user-friendly and intuitive visualisation. 

With location, platform and subject filters, you can rank this list by different metrics and have access to up-to-date information about a creator 's growth and performance over time. 

For this analysis, we selected the couples of influencers who create together and have had relevant growth in the last year, exploring the subjects that have gained the attention of the public through more engaged video formats. 

Based on data from Winnin Insights, we put together this list of the 8 creator couples that brands can partner with successfully for Valentine's Day.

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How does Winnin Insights break down creators?

Breakdown of creators by "tiers" in Winnin Insights according to the number of followers

In addition to ranking all creators by the main subjects of the videos they produce, Winnin Insights creates a ranking based on the number of followers on different social media platforms. 

Icon Creat ors are those with more than 5 million followers; Top Creators represent accounts with 1 million to 5 million followers; Mid Creators indicate creators with 200,000 to 1 million followers and Micro Creators, with up to 200,000 followers. 

This division is extremely relevant when it comes to selecting influencers, because creative strategies are not only about Icons. 

Often, betting on smaller creators brings a better and more assertive return for your brand. 

Icon Creators: + 5 Million followers

1. Virginia Fonseca <3 Zé Felipe 

The youtuber and the singer share vlogs of daily life at home with the family, pranks and couple challenges on Virginia's channel. 

Even with separate accounts, the two already have a content routine on each other's platform.

Zé Felipe has a weekly feature on his fiancée's channel, where he answers questions and gives relationship tips.

The creators Virgínia Fonseca and Zé Felipe stand out in the Icon category, adding 13.1 million followers on their Youtube channels | Source: Winnin Insights

Watch the full video here.

2. Ludmilla <3 Brunna Gonçalves 

Funk singer Ludmilla and dancer Bruna Gonçalves are on top of all the choreographies and challenges of the feed. 

Together, they share many videos to promote new musical works and also catchy inside the house.

The choreography of Ludmilla and Brunna Gonçalves together wins the heart and the engagement of the audience | Source: Winnin Insights

Watch the video here.

Top Creators: 1 to 3 Million followers

3. Mandy Candy <3 Marcelo Soares

The youtuber and her boyfriend share many personal accounts and, when it comes to telling the couple's stories, they do not fail to value the challenges and highlight the prejudices they went through to finally be together, inspiring many passionate about the feed.

Mandy Candy and Marcelo Soares bet on love stories for two and are highlights in the Top Creators category | Source: Winnin Insights

Watch the full video here.

4. Ana Mosconi <3 João Rezende

The couple of youtubers have won over the public by producing the best trolls, vlogs about routine and making a point of sharing every achievement of the couple and important dates with the loyal audience that follows their relationship.

The creators' video revealing their decision to move in together is one of the most watched on the youtuber's channel | Source: Winnin Insights

Watch the full video here.

Mid Creators: 200k to 1 million followers

5. Isabela Matte <3 Luan Assis

The entrepreneur and the filmmaker have a podcast together and produce vlogs for Youtube. 

They share a lot about their professional journeys and how the couple support and grow together.

The couple rose to prominence after turning the podcast they record together into vlogs for YouTube | Source: Winnin Insights

Watch the full video here.

6. Nicole Prazeres <3 Tiago Domingues

The couple of youtubers record daily vlogs, that is, they record and publish one vlog a day, and also answer questions and curiosities about their relationship, from the day they met to plans for the future, incorporating trends and challenges in the content.

The Mid Creators couple also gain audience engagement by producing daily content | Source: Winnin Insights

Watch the full video here.
Micro Creators: Up to 200k followers 

7. Yasmin Castilho <3 Lucas Provesi

The two lovers are always sharing on Youtube, trolls, challenges and vlogs for the public to follow not only the day to day and jokes, but also special moments and milestones in the couple's history.

Yasmin Castilho and Lucas Provesi Featured in Micro Creators Category | Source: Winnin Insights

Watch the full video here.

8. Maju Silva <3 Kaique N. Costa

The bride and groom post the step by step preparations for the dreamed-of wedding through the journalist's Youtube and Instagram profile @projetokaju. 

All the details of this new phase of the couple are dominating the feed and being shared through vlogs.

Turning wedding preparations into an episodic narrative was the couple's right bet on YouTube | Source: Winnin Insights

Watch the full video here.

Final Notes

These are some of the couples who have been gaining public attention and engagement!

For brands that want to keep up with the growth of the Dating & Marriage universe and produce more relevant videos on Valentine's Day, it's critical to create partnerships with the right creator couples. 

Whether they are Icon, Top, Mid or Micro creators , they are talking about the most engaged topics within the online relationship universe and embracing the most relevant video formats. 

And by knowing how to take advantage of this momentum, your brand has great potential to stand out on this highly competitive date. 

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