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3 creators to keep an eye on Black Friday 2020

An increasingly indispensable resource for Black Friday campaigns are the influencers.

Whether it's through publiciposts, partnerships in actions or becoming brand representatives, developing a strategy with digital influencers is one of the great steps for a successful Black Friday campaign.

And even this year, because of the pandemic caused by OVID-19, Black Friday will be different. Soon, the marks, more than ever, will need to mark heavy digital presence in order to stand out. 

That's why counting on influencers has never been more necessary!  

At first, partnering with relevant creators may seem easy, but the process involves a series of steps and choices that can ensure both the success and failure of your campaign.

The main one, which is the one we will focus on in today's article, is actually more basic of all: deciding which is the perfect creator for your strategy!

To help you make that decision, we took a dip in the dice and separated the 3 creators and brands that are running from the obvious and elevating their audioposts to a level of entertainment, a strategy that perfectly matches this year's Black Friday.

Let's go? Good reading!

1. Saffron Barker

Saffron Barker is 20 years old and a British creator, but still a great example of this new generation of creators that is revolutionizing the famous ads and publiposts.

Currently, the creator already has 2.5 million followers on its Youtube channel and adds, in the last 3 months alone, a total of 4.5 million views and 214.5 thousand tanned. 

In July of this year, the creator, in partnership with the clothing store GymShark, made a challenge testing the training of other influencers.

The video is currently in the top 30 most watched videos in the last 6 months on the influencer channel. Check it out:


Uniting relevance and creativity, GymShark knew how to use the right influence to activate fandoms and trends in a single content.

  1. Camilla de Lucas

Camilla de Lucas, born in Nova Iguaçu - RJ, created her YouTube channel in 2017.

Today, the creator has over 2 million followers and reaches close to 3 million total video views on its channel.

Between September and October this year, the channel grew 4% in number of followers.

The creator, initially producing content about beauty, today extrapolates this universe and communicates with a fan base - mostly female - from a communication 100% tied to the language of the Internet.

Much more than "just" publiposts, Camilla manages to unite the sponsorship of partner brands with the most engaged and commented memes of the moment. 

And best of all, it's all so spontaneous that they often don't even seem public.

A great example of the spontaneity and organicity of the creator's posts was the partnership that took place between her and Ice 51, of the 51 drink brand, with almost 1 million views.


  1. Baw

Baw is a carioca clothing brand and has shown that it dominates the subject when it comes to partnerships with influencers.

With 1 million Instagram followers, the brand has already gained so much relevance that today it is a real darling of the influencers.

Pabllo Vittar, Lázaro Ramos, Alvxaro and Maísa: these are some of the influences that are wearing their clothes. 

With this, Baw makes clear how important it is to choose the right partners, to dialogue with the brand's audience and to help it become a consumer desire.

Final Notes

These were some of the creators and brands that, through Winnin Insights, showed themselves to be the most relevant when it comes to paid content production.

At Black Friday, paid partnerships are increasingly indispensable, and aiming at the right potential partners is the big challenge for those who want to stand out. 

Uniting the relevance of these creators with the message their brand wishes to convey, the partnerships rise to such an organic level that they no longer seem to have sponsorship quotas and money involved.

And in the forced digital transformation that we are living in Coronavirus times, there is nothing better than to create an unforgettable online presence, even when the world returns to normal.

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