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3 things the Dating & Marriage audience is watching on social media

All marketers should know the importance of keeping up with the cultural calendar, creating ideas for the commemorative dates that mark the year and the challenges of creating relevant content on these occasions. 

To differentiate yourself during these periods and gain prominence on the main platforms, you need to explore relevant topics through the most engaging formats and, of course, collaborate with the right creators

In this article, we'll share 3 subjects that the Dating & Marriage audience is also watching on the internet, and you'll understand how brands can produce relevant videos with more agility from them. 

All tips are taken from our proprietary video analytics tool, Winnin Insights

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Do you know People Also Watch?

This is the Winnin Insights feature used to find the 3 topics that the Dating & Marriage audience is consuming on social media.

People Also Watch: ranking with the main subjects that the Dating & Marriage audience is watching on online video platforms | Source: Winnin Insights

To better understand what an audience is consuming and create a more assertive strategy, it is necessary to see what other subjects this audience is spending time on.

Winnin Insights' artificial intelligence delivers a list of subjects that a specific audience has an affinity for, and can rank those subjects by four different metrics. 

  • Medium Engagement; 
  • Views per video; 
  • Relationship Index.
  • Viewership Index

For the analysis of this article, we use the Viewership Index

The Viewership Index is a Winnin Insights proprietary metric that shows the viewership potential of a subject according to the size of its audience from a score ranging from 1 to 10.

Below, we'll show you in more depth the top 3 topics that the Dating & Marriage audience is also enjoying - a lot - watching.

1. shooting games 

Have you ever imagined meeting your great love while playing video games?

Overview of the Topic "Shooting Games" | Source: Winnin Insights

The world of games is proving to be a phenomenon of online culture, and has become more relevant every day. 

In addition to gameplay-specific videos and live streams of games, shooting game videos embrace a variety of video formats and subjects from other categories. 

Amongst so many possibilities, Web Dating is what has been conquering the public's attention. 

In this format, couples who have met in game matches are sharing their stories and routines in the game.

2. Celebrities

What is your favourite shipp?

Overview of the topic "Celebrities" | Source: Winnin Insights

The public has always enjoyed following their great idols not only on the professional but also personal side. 

The love lives of these personalities grab the audience's attention, and these content creators are increasingly sharing videos of special moments. 

3. Organisation & Decoration

Have you ever stopped to think about the challenges and hardships of living together with your partner?

Overview of the topic "Organisation & Decoration" | Source: Winnin Insights

This universe is embracing a very important stage in any relationship. 

When lovers decide to move in together, videos of their new home and tips on how to organise their life together are engaging the public. 

Final Notes

Keeping up with the cultural calendar is a challenge, but it's also a great opportunity for any team looking to create a relevant content strategy. 

In a period when the competition for people's attention is even greater, it is necessary to embrace the most relevant issues of the moment. One of the ways to stand out and win the attention - and the hearts - of the audience is to bet on the creation of videos that embrace subjects that this same audience is interested and loves to engage. 

With Winnin Insights' People Also Watch, you can access a range of topics that your audience is also consuming and thus cross-reference this data to create a much more assertive strategy.  

Following this path, in a few clicks we managed to come up with 3 insights for Valentine's Day: 

  • Shooting Games: an opportunity where gamers are using the games themselves to meet suitors and flirt. 
  • Celebrity: sharing the love life of famous ships, through vlogs and compilations of the couple's special moments. 
  • Organisation & Decoration: couples who decide to move in together sharing tips and challenges of the new phase.

These three topics that the Dating & Marriage audience is also engaging with are just one part of a much more extensive list that you can access by downloading the latest Winnin Report 's free "8 Tips for Creating More Relevant Valentine's Day Videos".

Embracing the 3 tips we've shared in this article will undoubtedly raise the relevance of your brand's content, so get to work!