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10 tips for creating more relevant beauty videos

Today, brands can encounter challenges when creating relevant content in categories as large and universal as beauty, for example.

If you're looking to increase your engagement on major digital platforms, know that you need to go beyond makeup tutorials and explore relevant topics through the most engaging formats and collaborate with the right content creators.

In this article we will present 10 data driven opportunities for brands to better understand their audience and produce relevant videos with much more agility and assertiveness in the beauty universe!

All tips are taken from our proprietary video analytics tool, Winnin Insights

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1. add makeup and music to video effects 

When it comes to online video production, the combination of music and makeup is a social media engagement phenomenon.

Overview of video data from the subtopic "Challenge" under "Beauty in Winnin Insights

To differentiate yourself in the market you need to embrace content creators who have mastered video transitions and effects. In addition, it is very important to be aware of the most listened to hits.

Rafael Santos ' video exemplifies this very well. The post has over 502.6k views, 1.7k comments and 113k likes. Having a Likes/Views rate of 22.5%. 

2. Teach new techniques and how to spend less 

With access to information increasingly democratized, educational videos and tutorials are not only for those who want to learn how to do the nail at home and spend less, but also for professionals in the medium that can keep up with online trends.

Thus, as a consequence, they are able to improve their techniques and increase their source of income.

The Glue at Villar channel video has over 269.6k views, 926 comments, and 26.5k likes. The channel had a 1.5% growth between February and March.

3. Make reaction videos and narrations bringing the family together

At this point, the beauty universe intersects with one of the most engaged subjects on the internet: humor. Mainly through narration videos and reactions. 

Content creators are coming together with their families and boyfriends in a format that is dominating the feed.

The Cheeky Lipstick channel video has over 1.7M views, 3.8k comments and 129.9k likes. The channel had a 1.7% growth between February and March.

4. Bet on relaxing content 

Warning: this is one of the more artistic points of our review. 

The makeup artists who create this type of content are their own canvas. 

Through mesmerizing and relaxing videos, they explore various themes from the cultural calendar, and the feed becomes an individual gallery. 

And be very careful! There is a high risk of getting stuck in this content forever.

The Luana Mesquita Makeup channel's video, for example, has over 1.7M views, 953 comments and 85.4k likes. The channel had a 6.2% growth between February and March.

5. Make room for more serious topics 

As Brazil is the country that makes more plastic surgeries in the world, the debate about self-esteem and acceptance has grown more and more. 

Vlogs and skits with testimonials on these issues have been gaining more and more relevance - and brands need to (urgently) position themselves in relation to these issues.

Alexanda Gurgel 's video (@alexandrismos) exemplifies this very well. The post has over 1.2M views, 2.9k comments and 110.9k likes, with a Likes/Views ratio of 9.2%.

6. Create videos with personal and inspiring stories

Since the early popularization of the internet Vlog format videos have had the power to connect content creators and audience in a very intimate and personal way. 

Because of this, videos also become an intimate space for creators to devote themselves to personal stories and talk about any topic while grooming and putting on makeup, which opens up the opportunity for a new, even closer consumption occasion. That is, moments where people can consume your product and your intimacy.

Adam 's (/Adam) channel video has over 161.1k views, 1,000 comments, and 20.9k likes. The channel had a 0.6% growth between February and March.

7. Trust in the power of good reviews

As traditional as it may seem, Vlogs with brand battles and reviews are evaluating everything from quality and the price of products to the positioning of beauty companies in relation to social agendas of the universe. 

The video from Big Brother Brazil 21 contestant Camilla de Lucas ' channel (/CamilladeLucas) has over 992.3k views, 1.7k comments, and 123.9k likes. The channel had a growth of 6.8% between February and March.

8. Share the creation process

Online videos are a simple and quick way to share knowledge and information. 

Take Drag Queens, who are increasingly becoming a reference in the world of beauty. 

The videos in which they comment and share the process and techniques of their productions generate a lot of engagement. 

Makeover and Before X After videos make the talent of these artists even more evident and serve as inspiration for the audience.

Lorelay Fox 's channel video (/LorelayFox) has over 318.7k views, 2.1k comments and 49.4k likes. The channel had a 0.2% growth between February and March.

9. Promote self-care tips 

According to Winnin Insights, Hair Transition is one of the most relevant topics in the beauty universe. Through tips, vlogs and before and after videos, the journey of acceptance and care has brands as great allies to share information and embrace the diversity that this movement proposes. 

The video of Lais Oliveira (@laisoliveira) exemplifies this very well. The post has over 1.1M views, 54.3k comments and 120.9k likes. Having a Likes/Views rate of 11.0%.

10. Give prominence to the environment and mood of self-care

Pay attention, because this last tip goes way beyond product reviews and skincare tutorials. 

As well as the theme of the video or the format itself, the choice of setting, soundtrack andmood of the beauty routines are also key factors in how much people will engage with your content. 

 The inclusion of these other elements in makeup videos is generating a new consumption occasion through relaxing content and OSV (oddly satisfying videos), for example.

Ana Lídia Lopes's channel video (/AnaLídiaLopes) has over 494.8k views, 1.3k comments, and 46.3k likes. The channel had a 1.2% growth between February and March.

Final Notes

Beauty-related content has been hyper-relevant since the dawn of the internet. That's why it's critical to be aware of changing consumer behavior to produce truly relevant content. 

When it's time to start creating, be aware of the main subjects that permeate the category, like music, for example. 

With greater access to the internet, beauty-related content has become a learning space for many people and, in many cases, their main source of income. Therefore, sharing techniques and learnings is a big key to success.

When it comes to makeup we should go beyond tutorials. On the internet, nowadays, makeup is 100% linked to public entertainment. As well as more serious discussions and social guidelines have a large space within these contents. 

More traditional formats such as product reviews also have great relevance nowadays. 

Within this perspective, the content related to Drag culture is very strong on the internet and the process and techniques of their productions generate more and more engagement. 

Last but not least, self-care routines also have their place in this conversation. Whether it's sharing relevant information on the subject or even skincare tips.

Incorporating the 10 tips we've given in this post will undoubtedly elevate the relevance of your branded content, so get to work!

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