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10 beauty creators your brand should partner with

Partnering with content creators is already part of any and every digital marketing strategy. 

At first, this may seem like an easy strategy to execute, after all, content creator is what there is no shortage of these days, right?

Wrong! The biggest challenge for brands today to create truly relevant partnerships is finding the right creator to communicate with the right audience, addressing the exact topics that are of interest to them and gaining their attention.

When we talk about beauty videos, the challenge seems to be even greater. Why is that?

One of the main reasons is that the beauty universe is gaining more and more attention of people when it comes to online video consumption, especially in this last year due to the consequences generated by the pandemic. 

Soon, with the arrival of the quarantine, this universe was established as a form of entertainment and an escape route for people who miss getting ready to leave the house. 

This is the ideal scenario for brands to connect with their audience by creating relevant content that somehow solves or eases that pain. 

And there's nothing better than leveraging all the relevance that beauty content creators already have on social media.

With that in mind, we've analyzed data from the world's top video platforms and put together a list of the 10 most relevant beauty creators of the moment for your brand to successfully partner with. Let's go?

All information in this post was extracted from our proprietary video analytics tool, Winnin Insights

Enjoy your reading! 

How is the Creators breakdown done in Winnin Insights?

Breakdown of creators by "tiers" in Winnin Insights according to the number of followers

Winnin Insights has a unique breakdown of the platform's content creators. 

They are divided by "tiers", that is, by levels, whose division occurs according to the number of followers (as we can see in the image above). 

This division is made mainly to facilitate the search for a certain profile and thus help you in the decision-making process. 

In this way, Winnin Insights segments creators into four different levels: Icons, Top, Mid and Micro.

Taking that into account, let's imagine the following situation:

For a brand that has the task of creating an action with influencers aiming to reach x number of people, it may be more advantageous to opt for three Micro or Mid creators than just one Icon for the same budget, because with this strategy it will be able to reach a potentially larger number of users and, consequently, engagement.

So get ready! In this list, we'll showcase Mid, Top, and Icon beauty content creators, giving you the chance to choose the ones that best fit your strategy. 

Let's do it!

Mid Creators

The most relevant beauty creators with 200k to 1M followers right now.

1. Rafael Santos

Last year data from creator Rafael Santos. Source: Winnin Insights

Rafael Santos is an Instagram creator who explores the use of music in his makeup videos by completing new trends in short videos.

The creator has already amassed over 50 million views and over 9 million likes in the last year alone. 

2. Lorelay Fox

Last year's data from creator Lorelay Fox. Source: Winnin Insights

Lorelay Fox is a youtuber who creates videos showing the production of her Drag makeup, reacting to beauty videos and talking about more serious topics.

3. Farkile

Last year's data from creator Farkile. Source: Winnin Insights

Farkile is a creator who shares videos with hair self-care tips and tests new trends, giving her opinion on each one.

Creator's audience is mostly female and its main audience is between 18 and 24 years old.

Top Creators

The most relevant beauty creators with 1M to 5M followers right now.

4. Jessyca Sanses 

Last year's data from creator Jessyca Sanses. Source: Winnin Insights

Jessyca Sanses is a Youtuber who completes challenges and trends with her boyfriend. She also shares humorous Make Up & Talk videos.  

5. Leticia Gomes

Last year's data from creator Leticia Gomes. Source: Winnin Insights

Makeup artist Leticia Gomes shares short makeup videos using her immense artistic talent to recreate characters and explore the themes of the cultural calendar, as well as the trends that are pumping on social networks. 

6. Thais Carla

Last year's data from creator Thais Carla. Source: Winnin Insights

Thais Carla is an Instagram creator who is raising acceptance, body free and lifestyle agendas through different video formats.

7. Karen Bachini

Last year's data from creator Karen Bachini. Source: Winnin Insights

Youtuber Karen Bachini shares videos reviewing tips and testing makeup products. 

8. Ana Lídia Lopes

Last year data from creator Ana Lídia Lopes. Source: Winnin Insights

The youtuber Ana Lídia Lopes uses the vlog as video format to share her routines, personal stories, and beauty tips. 

She makes use of soundtracks and a good choice of environment to create relaxing videos.  

Icon Creators

The most relevant beauty creators with over 5M followers at the moment.

9. Rodrigo Cintra

Last year data from creator Rodrigo Cintra. Source: Winnin Insights

Rodrigo Cintra is a Facebook creator who is successful teaching courses for professionals, sharing hair tips and recording videos producing clients.

10. Franciny Ehlke

Beauty videos also become an intimate space for creators to open up about personal agendas and talk about any topic while grooming and putting on makeup.

Last year's data from creator Franciny Ehlke. Source: Winnin Insights

Franciny Ehlke is a youtuber who converses with her audience while putting on makeup. 

She explores trends, completes challenges and tests products to the sound of her own voice, as well as creating videos where her personal stories and vlogs are the protagonists. 

Final Notes

There you go! 

These are the most relevant content creators when it comes to beauty, according to our software, Winnin Insights.

For your marketing strategy to be considered a success, besides having clear communication and very well defined goals, you need to choose the right creators. 

And obviously, looking at the data is always the best way to go.

Data is fundamental to the process of building any video content strategy. Especially to assist major brands and companies in decision making and mapping the main trends. 

And, believe me, finding the right developers for your industry can be the missing piece to creating successful partnerships. And, as you have seen throughout this post, they are closer than you think! 

Want to get more data driven insights about the Beauty category in the online universe? 

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