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3 things the beauty public is watching on the internet

Through Winnin Insights' "People Also Watch" feature, we'll show you the 3 things the beauty audience is also consuming on the internet.

10 tips for creating more relevant beauty videos

Beauty videos are in evidence on the internet. In this post, we'll give you 10 data driven tips for your brand to create more relevant videos on the subject.

Consumer Insights: how to know your audience with data

Do you know what Consumer Insights is? Click on the post and find out how data can be a great ally to put your consumer at the center of the conversation.

Video Marketing: what it is and how to use it in your strategy

Videos are a must when creating a relevant strategy. Master the creation process by applying Video Marketing strategies.

3 reasons to create a video content strategy for your brand

In this post we'll give you 3 reasons that prove videos are the best content strategy for brands that want to dominate digital in 2021.

The changes in the creation of videos about finance in Brazil

Understand, in numbers, which revolutions the video contents on Economy & Finance are going through in Brazil.

3 creators to keep an eye on Black Friday 2020

Learn who are the content creators that are standing out in the online universe when it comes to Black Friday.

3 Potential Wish Items for Black Friday 2020

Do you know what people are most likely to consume in 2020 on Black Friday according to data? Click and read the full article.

How to create video content for Black Friday 2020?

Learn how to create video content in a Black Friday edition that will challenge the barriers of digital.